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Farzand E Pakistan PDF: A Review of the Historical Novel by Inayatullah

Farzand E Pakistan PDF: A Historical Novel by Inayatullah

If you are a fan of historical novels, you might have heard of Farzand E Pakistan PDF, a famous Urdu novel by Inayatullah. But what is this novel about and why is it so popular? In this article, we will explore the plot, the historical context, the literary analysis, and the impact and reception of this novel. We will also give you a personal recommendation for reading this novel and some FAQs to answer your queries.

Farzand E Pakistan PDFl


The Plot of Farzand E Pakistan PDF

Farzand E Pakistan PDF (meaning "The Son of Pakistan") is a historical novel that tells the story of a young Pakistani soldier named Zafar who fights in the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. The novel follows his adventures, his love life, his patriotism, and his sacrifices for his country.


The novel begins with Zafar joining the army as a cadet after graduating from college. He is assigned to a tank unit led by Major Aslam, a brave and experienced officer. Zafar soon proves himself to be a skilled and courageous soldier, earning the respect and admiration of his comrades and superiors. He also falls in love with Shabana, a beautiful and patriotic girl who works as a nurse in a military hospital.

When the war breaks out between India and Pakistan in September 1965, Zafar and his unit are sent to the front lines to defend their homeland. They face many challenges and dangers from the enemy forces, but they also display remarkable heroism and valor in various battles. Zafar participates in some of the most famous operations of the war, such as Operation Grand Slam, Operation Gibraltar, Battle of Chawinda, Battle of Asal Uttar, Battle of Phillora, and Battle of Sialkot.

Zafar also encounters some personal conflicts and dilemmas during the war. He has to deal with his feelings for Shabana, who is also courted by another officer named Captain Farooq. He also has to cope with the loss of some of his friends and mentors, such as Major Aslam, who dies in a heroic sacrifice. He also has to face his own fears and doubts, as well as the moral and ethical issues of war.

The novel ends with Zafar surviving the war and returning to his home. He is hailed as a hero and a "son of Pakistan" by his people and his nation. He also marries Shabana and starts a new life with her. However, he also carries the scars and memories of the war, and he vows to never forget the sacrifices of his fellow soldiers and the glory of his country.


The novel has a large cast of characters, both fictional and real. Some of the main characters are:

  • Zafar: The protagonist of the novel. He is a young, handsome, intelligent, and patriotic Pakistani soldier who fights in the war of 1965. He is brave, loyal, honest, and compassionate. He loves his country and his people, but he also respects his enemies and their humanity. He is in love with Shabana, whom he marries at the end of the novel.

  • Shabana: The love interest of Zafar. She is a beautiful, smart, and patriotic Pakistani girl who works as a nurse in a military hospital. She is kind, caring, and devoted to her duty. She loves Zafar, but she also faces some competition from Captain Farooq, who also likes her.

  • Major Aslam: The mentor and leader of Zafar. He is a senior and experienced officer who commands a tank unit in the war. He is brave, wise, and respected by his men. He treats Zafar like a son and guides him through the war. He dies in a heroic sacrifice while saving Zafar's life.

  • Captain Farooq: The rival and friend of Zafar. He is another officer who serves in the same unit as Zafar. He is handsome, charming, and ambitious. He likes Shabana and tries to woo her, but he also respects Zafar and his feelings. He is a good soldier and a good friend, but he also has some flaws and weaknesses.

  • General Ayub Khan: The president of Pakistan at the time of the war. He is a real historical figure who appears in the novel as a supporting character. He is portrayed as a strong, decisive, and patriotic leader who leads his country through the war. He also appreciates and honors the soldiers who fight for Pakistan.

  • General Muhammad Musa: The commander-in-chief of the Pakistani army at the time of the war. He is another real historical figure who appears in the novel as a supporting character. He is portrayed as a competent, professional, and loyal general who directs the military operations of Pakistan.

  • Lal Bahadur Shastri: The prime minister of India at the time of the war. He is another real historical figure who appears in the novel as an antagonist character. He is portrayed as a cunning, ruthless, and aggressive leader who initiates and escalates the war against Pakistan.

  • General J.N. Chaudhuri: The chief of staff of the Indian army at the time of the war. He is another real historical figure who appears in the novel as an antagonist character. He is portrayed as an arrogant, overconfident, and incompetent general who leads the Indian forces into defeat.


The novel explores various themes related to war, history, patriotism, love, friendship, courage, sacrifice, honor, faith, humanity, and identity. Some of the main themes are:

  • War: The novel depicts the realities and horrors of war in a realistic and vivid way. It shows how war affects not only the soldiers who fight in it, but also their families, their friends, their enemies, their countries, and their world. It shows how war brings out both the best and the worst in people: their heroism and their cruelty; their loyalty and their betrayal; their glory and their tragedy.

  • History: The novel portrays a significant historical event that shaped the history and destiny of Pakistan: the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965. It shows how this event influenced not only the political and military aspects of Pakistan, but also its cultural and social aspects. It shows how this event created a sense of national pride and identity among Pakistanis.

The Historical Context of Farzand E Pakistan PDF

Farzand E Pakistan PDF is not only a fictional novel, but also a historical novel. It is based on real events and characters that took place and existed in the history of Pakistan and India. It is important to understand the historical context of this novel to appreciate its significance and relevance.


Pakistan and India were once part of the same country: British India. However, after the end of World War II, British India