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Artemy Drozdov
Artemy Drozdov

Chief Architect X5 Bonus Catalog

If your Library Browser is empty, then you have not yet downloaded the core catalogs. While the program will prompt you the first time you launch it to download and install this core content, you can choose to restart this process at any time if you did not download it in its entirety. In addition to the core catalogs, bonus and manufacturer catalogs can be downloaded and used in your Chief Architect plans.

Chief Architect X5 Bonus Catalog


Core, bonus, and manufacturer catalogs are updated periodically to include new and improved content. You can update your installed catalogs to include the latest content by selecting Library> Update Library Catalogs at any time. The program will gather information about the content in each of these three categories, and then download and replace any content that is not up to date. 350c69d7ab


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