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ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue: A Comprehensive Guide for Ship Suppliers and Buyers

The International Ship Suppliers and Services Association (ISSA) is a global organization that represents the interests of ship suppliers and buyers in the maritime industry. ISSA publishes two catalogues that are essential for anyone who wants to purchase or supply ship stores internationally: the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue and the ISSA Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue.

What is the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue?

The ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue is a comprehensive reference book that lists every item that a ship may need to keep running smoothly. It covers a wide range of categories, such as deck, engine, electrical, safety, medical, navigation, and communication equipment. It also includes new sections on mega yachts material and equipment, and polar code ships equipment.

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The catalogue uses a unique coding system that makes ordering easy and accurate. Each item has a clear photograph and a corresponding ISSA code that can be quoted to the ship supplier. This way, the buyer can ensure that they are ordering the correct item among the thousands featured in the catalogue.

What is the ISSA Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue?

The ISSA Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue is a new publication that complements the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue. It covers all the gallery requirements for a ship, such as meat and poultry, vegetables and legumes, beverages, dairy products, bakery items, and spices. It also covers bonded stores requirements, such as tobacco, spirits, wines, beer, body care, perfume, and clothing.

Like the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue, the ISSA Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue also uses a unique coding system and photographs to facilitate ordering. The catalogue is also available in a digital form that can be accessed by registering on the ISSA catalogue website.

Why are the ISSA Catalogues important?

The ISSA Catalogues are important because they provide a standard and reliable way of ordering and supplying ship stores internationally. They help to avoid confusion, errors, delays, and disputes that may arise from different languages, specifications, or measurements. They also help to ensure quality and safety standards for the items ordered or supplied.

The ISSA Catalogues are also valuable sources of information for the maritime industry. They reflect the latest trends, innovations, and regulations in the field of ship supplies. They also showcase the products and services of the members of ISSA, who are reputable and professional ship suppliers from around the world.

How to buy the ISSA Catalogues?

The ISSA Catalogues can be purchased online from the ISSA website or by emailing The price for the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue 2020 is 180, and the price for the ISSA Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue 2020 is 150. The catalogues are shipped worldwide by courier service.

The ISSA Catalogues are essential reading for anyone who wants to purchase or supply ship stores internationally. They are also useful tools for learning more about the maritime industry and its products and services. By buying the ISSA Catalogues, you are also supporting the work of ISSA in promoting and protecting the interests of ship suppliers and buyers globally.


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