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Who Buys Old Pianos Near Me [PATCHED]

In the Greater Boston area, East Cambridge Piano seeks good, used pianos. Their online inventory page suggests that they take a wide range of brands and models including Bechstein, Sojin, Yamaha, and Samick.

who buys old pianos near me

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At American Music World, we pride ourselves on providing quality services you can trust at great prices. From tuning and moving pianos to music lessons and storing pianos, we have a wide variety of services we offer our customers so you can find all your piano needs in one location. Our passion is to fill the world with more musicians who love and spread good music wherever they go.

Unfortunately, we don't purchase antique uprights like the one pictured. Because many older pianos are worn-out and no longer suitable for piano lessons or serious use, we are only interested in potentially purchasing pianos of the following brands:

Sometimes, older pianos and their challenges for their owners and potential new pianists outweigh the costs of restoration or repair. Often, the age of the piano is less critical than the playability and performance of the piano. Eventually, the value of the piano as a piece of furniture and its sentimental value outweighs its value as an instrument. Over time gradual wear and deterioration take a toll on the condition of all pianos, whether regularly serviced or not. The best thing to do is to contact us by phone (901.323.8888) and arrange a disposal service for most old uprights.

Stilwell Pianos is not a consignment shop. We buy all of our pianos outright with cash before we move the piano out of your home. If you would like to sell your piano to us, please fill out the form below or email the information in the form to

*Please keep in mind that we do not buy grands or full uprights older than 45 years old. There are exceptions for this for brands like Steinway and Mason & Hamlin. Also we NEVER buy any used digital pianos.

Wanting to sell your piano? We are always considering fine brands like Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin, Kawai, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, and other higher quality pianos. We will pay top market dollar for your instrument no matter its condition! If we purchase your piano we will arrange to pick up and move your instrument from your home to our rebuilding facility. We try to make this process as quick and easy as possible for you. Selling your piano to us eliminates the hassle of advertising, showing your piano and tearing the piano down and moving it. We are always helping customers across North America sell their pianos, so get in contact with us today.

With this information, we can evaluate your instrument! We buy vintage pianos from all over North America and our movers make regular trips throughout the continent. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you are looking to sell your used piano. We will let you know if we are interested in your piano and can give you a custom price quote. Whether you desire to sell or purchase a piano, we are ready to help you accomplish your goals. Contact us today if you are looking to sell your Steinway or other higher quality brand piano.

You may also consider websites such as, which is similar to a classified ads site, but just for pianos. There are alternatives, but this is the most famous one. However, you may find the selection limited, as people are more familiar with and therefore more likely to use sites such as craigslist, eBay, etc. Of course, if someone is willing to take it off you, someone is going to have to pay to move it. This should be the recipient of the piano; make sure you insist on it.

To provide an accurate and fair valuation when we buy used pianos, we require some basic details like the piano make & model, serial number, reason to sell piano and most importantly, some photographs. These allow us to assess the condition of the piano, which is important when valuing it.

Sell or ConsignIf you are interested in selling your piano and it is in near showroom condition we may be interested in either buying it from you or taking it on consignment. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you if we are interested in making an offer. We are not interested in pianos that are old/vintage and not rebuilt, unless they are by Steinway & Sons.

DonationIf your piano is functional and not more than 20 years old we might accept it as a tax-deductible donation to the PianoForte Foundation (501c3). The piano will then be donated primarily to Chicago Public Schools or a similar educational or community non-profits for the benefit of an institution that cannot afford to purchase a piano. We currently only accept pianos from the Chicagoland area. Our acceptance of a piano donation is predicated upon us having an institution ready to accept a donated piano.

A critical point in the offering of used pianos for sale is our selection process. We personally examine and evaluate every aspect of each used piano: mechanical and musical condition, repairs needed, cosmetics and original manufacturers' quality, or lack thereof. We weigh all these aspects to ascertain our final, fair-market selling price. More than half the pianos coming to us as trade-ins are not offered for resale, as many are simply beyond repair and should be retired. A very high percentage of the used pianos offered for sale to us are rejected, and those pianos remain on the market. Once we have selected a used piano to be prepared for resale, the preparation process is very thorough: Cleaning inside and out, necessary parts and repairs, action lubrication and regulation, tuning up to A440, and cabinet face-lift.

The third pedal, unique to grand pianos, is the sostenuto pedal, located in the middle. This pedal is similar to the damper pedal. When you press it, the pedal draws out the specific notes held while thinning out all the other keys.

Please contact us with questions or comments about our unique collection of vintage, rebuilt and used pianos. These outstanding instruments are for sale in our retail stores. Shop our current inventory here:

There are plenty of buyers looking to save a bit of money on the resale market, yet used pianos can be difficult to sell. Pianos are difficult to move from one place to another, making it challenging to arrange a sale. In addition, while there is certainly a market for used pianos, most areas tend to have more pianos for sale than buyers. Although the market is competitive, by expanding your options and learning how to sell your piano privately, wholesale, and/or through consignment, you can set yourself up for a successful sale.

At Madison Piano Place, LLC we have a continually changing inventory of used pianos in Madison, both grand and upright, from well known brands like Yamaha, Kawai, Seiler, Pramberger, Baldwin and Kimball.

Almost everyone wants a piano. Whether it's a full sized, grand pianos or smaller upright, many families would love to have one, but lack the resources for a new one. Which is why donating your old piano can be a great option.

In addition, schools, nursing homes, small church groups, and other organizations can use pianos. Music departments and community theater groups are often more than happy to take that old instrument of your hands.

We get lots of questions about Pianos, as they are very heavy and expensive to move. You need to know a bit about old pianos to understand if they have any resale value. If you are buying or trying to get rid of an old Piano it is worth checking the following things. For information on getting rid of other types of junk and waste check out out our article on junk removal Auckland here.

If you are getting rid of a piano it is worth checking all these things first to know whether it has value or whether it is best up-cycled. Remember too, that the strings inside a piano often have copper wound around them for the base notes, which has scrap metal value.Junk Run does not transport or move pianos as they are very heavy. Our trucks do not have tail lifts- which means the piano needs to be lifted to above waist height from the ground, which is a health and safety risk and requires extra staff.

33) Look for separations or delaminations in thebottom part of the rim (grand pianos). Check for the existence of a large crackwhich you may find behind the top horizontal beam on an upright (vertical)piano.

51) The left pedal moves the hammers closer to the strings (vertical pianos only). Grand pianos will shift the keyboard. If the left pedals on the grand piano lifts thebass dampers, this is a sign of a lower quality instrument.

52) Pedal lyre. Grand pianos only: Is the pedal lyre coming apart from the top? Are glue joints in tact? Are the lyre braces in place, attached securely to the piano underneath? Does the lyre feel firmly in place (secure) when the pedals are pressed?

They did a great job. Very knowledgeable and personable. Even though I don't have the most expensive of pianos or the nicest of homes, I felt like he still valued me as a customer. Don't bother going to anyone but Moore Piano. If his schedule is full, wait the extra time for him to be available; it is worth it!

Ron was by far the best piano tuner we've used in the 7 years we've had our piano. He sent out an email reminder about our appointment which I appreciated. He came a few minutes early; definitely on time. He offered to wear cloth boots in our home so he didn't track dirt in. He showed me the diagnostic about where our piano had problems. I thought his fee was on the low side. And, he gave me great referrals of other Indiana companies that sell pianos because we are investing in a new one. He was top notch. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat to others. 041b061a72


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