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Where To Buy Bathrobes Near Me NEW!

Inspired by traditional Japanese dress worn by geisha, kimono-style bathrobes are the most elegant. They are characterized by billowing sleeves, wide, sash belts, and flowy silk satin. However, you can also find kimono-style robes, which are crafted from cotton, and therefore more suitable for wearing post-shower, as well as lounging.

where to buy bathrobes near me

Choose from our stylish selection of exclusive women's bathroom robes, from silky smooth women's cotton bath robes to plush and fluffy women's fleece bath robes, and even more options. No matter what kind of women's bathrobes you're looking for, you'll find it here at Annie Selke.

If guests wish to purchase our deluxe bathrobes, the price is $49.95 USD for adult size (one size fits all). On ships that feature our Cloud 9 Spa, special Cloud 9 Spa logo deluxe bathrobes are also available for purchase - the price is $59.95 USD for adult size (one size fits all).

The first thing you want to do when you get back to home is to get rid of the tight-fitting clothes and allow your body to just be. Whether you take a relaxing bath to regain your energy or just slip yourself into some loose clothes that allow your body the air it had been longing for throughout the day, organic bathrobes are your best remedy. 041b061a72


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