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Naked Girl From Role Models


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I watched women's reactions to the calendar photos. The pictures are revealing, some are sexually suggestive, some trick the eye into thinking the girl is naked. Some of the photos are beautiful, some are not so beautiful. A few are downright difficult to look at.

Now wait a minute. DeHaas seems to like controversy, as he explains that "most White people don't get it," citing the use of sayings on his t-shirts such as "Custer Killer" which have drawn negative comments from some people (which I thought was funny). But sexually suggestive calendar girls marketed as "role models for our young Indian girls" This I had to hear.

DeHaas insists these women are role models. He, and his wife Mary, want everyone to read the "bios" to find out each girl's schooling, tribal affiliation and work history. Does it really matter if the Playboy Bunny went to Harvard

I asked Keith to explain why the women weren't posing in Rez Dog clothing (some of the smaller photos do feature the girls in Rez Dog Clothing). He explained that the calendar started from a "joke" that was put on a t-shirt: "Rez Dog Bikini Team." Guys kept asking, "Where's your bikini team" So, the idea for a swimsuit calendar was born.

I pointed out my 10-year old daughter to Keith, "my young Indian daughter" playing behind our booth, and asked him, "Swimsuit models as role models You sure you want to go there" I suggested to him that he and his wife, Mary, might want to re-think this part of their business strategy. They both have insisted that this is a big part of what they have to offer, as Mary stated in an e-mailed letter to me: "I don't think you've read these girls' bios. They ARE role models, that just also happen to look good in bikinis and want to show that."

I'm not sure why you decided to recently send around a two year old article about our company filled with false statements and accusations, but one of the members of your news group is a model in our 2005 American Indian Beauties calendar (which raises funds for the Native American Cancer Research Corp.) She was highly offended and hurt that you would continue to send around this horrible article, and we at Rez Dog Clothing Company have a response. No other little Indian company has done so much for so many with so little resources, that when people like you continue to send around condemning articles like this, without really knowing the truth or the facts, you can really hurt our little family Indian owned and operated business. Lise King did not write any facts here. Her article is libelous and irresponsible journalism. I have included another interesting article for your information that was printed in News from Indian Country on our models and their response to Lise King's article. Mr. Schmidt.....Don't always believe everything you read. No good was ever accomplished by passing along harmful and hurtful things like this article has been to me and my family. Instead of passing along the article, why didn't you write a letter or call our company and ask for the facts first I would have been happy to speak to you about our beautiful and tastefully produced calendar.

We at Rez Dog Clothing Company would like to address some misconceptions put forth in a two year old article by Native Voice about our company and the annual swimsuit calendar that we produce. Reviewing and not liking the calendar, okay, fine, we can accept and take that. We understand that a swimsuit calendar is not for everyone, and that not everyone in Indian country might like the idea of an all-American Indian swimsuit calendar. But when you attack our company and misrepresent us as a ghetto gangster company that i


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