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DNASTAR Lasergene 10: A Powerful and Versatile Bioinformatics Software

DNASTAR Lasergene 10: A Powerful and Versatile Bioinformatics Software

DNASTAR Lasergene 10 is a bioinformatics software suite that provides comprehensive solutions for molecular biology, genomics, and protein analysis. Whether you are performing multiple sequence alignments, designing primers, assembling and analyzing next-generation sequencing data, or predicting protein structures, DNASTAR Lasergene 10 can help you achieve your research goals with ease and accuracy.

Dnastar 10 Lasergene

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DNASTAR Lasergene 10 consists of three integrated packages that can also be purchased separately: Lasergene Molecular Biology, Lasergene Genomics, and Lasergene Protein. Each package includes a set of applications that are tailored to specific workflows and supported by a common user interface and data format. DNASTAR Lasergene 10 also integrates with DNASTAR Cloud, a cloud-based platform that offers additional storage and computing resources for large-scale projects.

Lasergene Molecular Biology

Lasergene Molecular Biology is the ideal software for performing basic and advanced sequence analysis tasks, such as multiple and pairwise sequence alignments, phylogenetic analysis, Sanger sequence assembly, virtual cloning, primer design, PCR site-directed mutagenesis, plasmid maps, sequence editing and annotation, and more. Lasergene Molecular Biology includes the following applications:

  • SeqBuilder Pro: A versatile application for creating, editing, annotating, and analyzing sequences. SeqBuilder Pro also supports virtual cloning, primer design, gel electrophoresis simulation, and plasmid map creation.

  • SeqMan Ultra: A powerful application for assembling and analyzing Sanger sequencing data. SeqMan Ultra can handle projects of any size and complexity, from single contigs to whole genomes.

  • MegAlign Pro: A robust application for performing multiple sequence alignments using various algorithms and methods. MegAlign Pro also supports pairwise sequence alignments, phylogenetic analysis, Mauve genome alignment, and visualization of alignment results.

  • GeneQuest: A specialized application for finding and analyzing genes and regulatory elements in DNA sequences. GeneQuest can perform gene prediction, promoter analysis, transcription factor binding site analysis, restriction enzyme mapping, and more.

  • GenVision: A graphical application for creating publication-quality images of DNA sequences and annotations. GenVision can also display alignment results from MegAlign Pro and SeqMan Ultra.

  • SeqNinja: A utility application for batch editing and manipulating sequences. SeqNinja can perform tasks such as adding or removing features, changing formats, extracting regions, splitting or merging files, and more.

Lasergene Genomics

Lasergene Genomics is the ultimate software for assembling and analyzing next-generation sequencing data from various platforms and applications. Powered by SeqMan NGen, a revolutionary application for sequence assembly and alignment, Lasergene Genomics can handle projects ranging from small RNA-Seq to large metagenomic assemblies. Lasergene Genomics also includes a comprehensive suite of post-assembly analysis tools for variant detection and analysis, coverage evaluation, consensus annotation, expression analysis 29c81ba772


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